So you got a coupon and want to use it?
Great! I'm going to explain how you can use it.

First go to this page and select your server.
Next, select the plan you want (and optionally disable custom bot) and click on the "Continue to Payment" button.
select premium plan

Now in the pop-up, click the "Apply coupon" text. a field will appear where you can enter your coupon.
Fill in your coupon and press Enter. now check if it got applied.
click on "apply coupon", enter your coupon and hit enter

Congratulations. your coupon is applied!
You can now press "Proceed to Checkout", add a payment method if you don't have one yet (and it's not a 100% off coupon) and continue on.

Q: Can i apply a coupon to an already existing subscription?
A: Yes, as long as no other coupons are on that subscription. contact the support team in
(Coupons only apply to FUTURE invoices, no refunds for past invoices can be done just because you forgot to apply a coupon when getting premium.)

Q: It says my coupon isn't valid.
A: Coupons don't always work on all the plans. some coupons only work for specific plans. You can try the other plans.
Coupons are limited in time and/or uses. you might be to late for this coupon.
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