MEE6 isn't giving role rewards as he should? Here are some potential problems you could be having.

MEE6 doesn't have the right permissions

MEE6 might not have the "Manage Roles" permission, you can fix this by going
into the "Roles" setting in your Discord server and giving the "MEE6" role the "Manage Roles" permission.

Giving MEE6 manage roles permission

Make sure MEE6 is above the other roles

MEE6 can't manage a role or issue roles if he isnt above them. (i.e. giving and removing a role to users).
To fix this, you need to go into your server settings, then select the "Roles" setting, and drag MEE6 above your role rewards.

Repositioning the MEE6 role above the role rewards

Make sure you added the correct Role Rewards

Check your "levels" plugin on your MEE6 Dashboard and make sure that everything such as level requirements, and role rewards type is set up right.

Levels plugin on the Dashboard

If the problem isn't fixed by one of the above solutions do not hesitate to join our support server ✌️
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