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Getting Started with MEE6

MEE6 is capable of enhancing your community's protection, engagement, and agility.

It can automate exhaustive and repetitive tasks, and at the same time it can provide fun and entertainment for the whole server.

Let's explore the features by understanding

  • How to login
  • What are the bot's plugins (utilities)
  • How to enable and configure the bot's plugins
  • How to get the best out of the bot

Ready? Let's go!

How to login

In order to let MEE6 know what servers you can configure, you will have to log in with your discord account in to our dashboard by simply visiting:


If you are not logged in on discord website, the dashboard will open a new pop-up window (make sure you have not blocked them by checking your browser settings)

Now you've logged in to your dashboard, you will be able to add MEE6 to your server by clicking on setup:

What are the bot's plugins

The plugins are your bot's features. You need to enable and configure them to:

  • Use moderation commands
  • Much more

However, MEE6 is a modular bot. This means that you need to enable each plugin separately and configure it from your dashboard.

The dashboard is divided in two main sections, as seen below:

Plugin Index on the left (Inside Green Box) & Plugin Configuration on the right (Inside Red Box)

It is very easy to understand:
- Plugin Index is used to navigate between the plugins you want to configure
- Plugin Configuration is where you can customize specific features of a plugin.
Please, visit the main article - - to know more about a specific plugin and to get the best of it.

How to get the best out of the bot

Now you've learned how to login, how to invite MEE6 Bot to your server, how to enable and configure plugins, it's time to enhance your experience even more.

Firstly, consider having a look at your dashboard's settings, as seen below:

Dashboard Settings

The Administrator roles have fully access to your dashboard (these are moderators on your server with the administrator permission on their roles | You can remove it by going to your server settings -> roles -> role's name -> permissions -> bottom -> administrator (toggle off))

Moreover, the bot master is a Premium™ feature that allows you to add regular moderators (without administrator permission) to access your dashboard.

You can type on your server's text channel /dashboard (might be !dashboard or other prefix depending on your configuration), and MEE6 will bring you a link to your dashboard

Get a link to your server's dashboard straight from your community

This last topic lead us to the best feature that MEE6 has got: Premium Subscriptions!


Unlock the full potential of your server by getting unrestricted access to all MEE6’s features and plugins

Why do we call this the best feature? Well, because it is!

Premium boosts all the plugins you've enabled so far, such as Custom Commands that get its limited 1 slot boosted to 500 available slots.

It also brings totally new features, such as the Custom Bot. Check out the Custom Bot guide here

The Custom Bot allows you to change your MEE6's Avatar (profile picture), name, status and much more!

Visit - to have a full perspective of prices and features you might be missing by not unlocking it!

If you have any issues with the plugin, do not hesitate to join our support server ✌️

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