How to set-up MEE6 Custom Bot


The Custom Bot is a feature that allows you to change your MEE6's avatar, name, status and more. However, before we start, make sure:

  • You have at least a Monthly Premium with an additional Custom Bot or Yearly/Lifetime plans which come with it included.
  • You can invite new bots by going to your Browser Settings and looking for "Window Popup Blocker" and disabling it.

Step 1: Discord Developer Portal

1.1 Open in your browser.

1.2 Click on New Application (Top right).

1.3 Go to General Information and select a profile picture and edit the name for the last time if needed.

1.4 Next, click on the Bot tab on the left menu.

1.5 Now, on the Authorization Flow, enable all the Privileged Gateway Intents options (3 in total).

1.6 Finally, scroll up and click on reset token and copy the token located below the username.

Authorization Flow

Step 2: Linking to MEE6

2.1 Open

2.2 Click on the Custom Bot tab, on the left menu.

2.3 Next, simply click on the MEE6 face and paste the token at the correct place.

2.4 Now, a popup window should appear, where you just need to authorize the custom bot.

Step 3: Final Adjustments

3.1 Now that you have got the custom bot, feel free to kick the original MEE6 from your server (you will need to add it back, in case something happens to your custom bot).

3.2 Make sure to bring the custom bot back to the top of the role list (visit your Server Settings -> Roles) so it can continue to fully operate like the default MEE6.

Check the in-detail video below showing the process step-by-step:

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