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How to set-up MEE6 Custom Bot

The Custom Bot is a feature that allows you to change your MEE6's avatar, name, status, and more. 

Before we start:

  • Make sure you have a Monthly Premium with an additional Custom Bot or a Yearly/Lifetime Premium (Custom Bot is included).
  • Go to your browser settings and look for "Window Popup Blocker", and then temporarily disable it.

1. Go to Discord's developer portal and create an application

Go to, log in with your Discord account if this is not the case, and press the "New Application" button.

Give a name to your application, agree with Discord policies and press Create. Don't worry about it now, you can always change the name of your bot at any time!

2. Add a bot to your application

Go to the Bot tab of your application, and press Add Bot. You will get a confirmation modal, press Yes, do it!.

3. IMPORTANT: Enable Intents

Scroll down to the Privileged Gateway Intents section and enable the "Presence Intent",  "Server Members Intent” and the “Message Content Intent”.

4. Get your token

Press the "Click to Reveal Token" or “Reset Token” button to see your token. You will get a confirmation modal, press Yes, do it!.

Now you should see your token, just like in the screenshot above, copy it!

This token is super secret and you should never give it to anyone else without knowing why or you risk someone else taking over your bot.

If you think your token might have leaked, please press the regenerate button or delete your application.

5. Set up the bot on MEE6 website

Go to your MEE6 dashboard to set up your Custom Bot:

Insert your token and press “Enable Bot Personalizer”:

Now, a popup window should appear, where you need to authorize the Custom Bot. If you don't see any pop-ups then make sure your browser doesn’t block pop-ups, or that you don't have any adblockers or VPNs on.

6. Final steps

After authorizing the bot you’re all set up! You will be able to change your bot's avatar, username, status, and activity at any time.

Please note:

  • The new bot replaces MEE6. You can keep the original bot in your server, or kick it. It doesn't make any difference.
  • Make sure to bring the custom bot back to the top of the role list (visit your Server Settings -> Roles) so it can continue to fully operate like the default MEE6.

Have fun!

If that works better for you, check the in-detail video below showing the process step-by-step:

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