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Server Owner: How To Activate PayPal for Monetize

You will need to have a business PayPal account to set up PayPal with MEE6 Monetize, for more info see our Server Owner: PayPal Payments for Monetize article.
Some personal information from your business PayPal account will be public!
Please check your details here and make changes where needed.

Setting up Monetize with PayPal is easy. When you’re on the dashboard of your server, head over to the Monetize feature. Then go to Payment & Billing to enable PayPal:

You will then be redirected to a PayPal page offering you to log into your business PayPal account, or to create one, which will result in connecting to the MEE6 platform.

Main Registration & Connection Steps:

The process of connecting your business PayPal account may vary if you have an account already or not. It will require verifying yourself several times and entering some information about you and the business. To keep this guide relatively short, we mention only some of the steps that you will need to complete, while other steps should be pretty straightforward.

1. Bank Card Request

You will be asked to attach a valid bank card to your business PayPal account.
This is needed as PayPal requires an alternative funding method for any potential business expenses (you can choose to use PayPal Balance first) and for MEE6 Monetize billing agreement, see more in the step below.
There will be no purchase or charge upon registration!

2. Signing MEE6 Monetize Billing Agreement

You will be asked to sign a Billing Agreement with Sidescroll Ventures (our company). This is needed for us to be able to get our 5% fee and to be able to provide certain features that might be able in the future.
This is what it might look like:

3. Granting PayPal Permissions to MEE6

You will be asked to grant us (MEE6 Memberships/Monetize/Sidescroll Ventures) certain permissions over your PayPal account. This is needed for the correct work of the Monetize feature and everything related to it.
We ask for some permissions for potential features that are not available yet but might be available in the future, e.g. issuing refunds from the MEE6 dashboard.
This is what it might look like:

4. Verify Yourself

During the registration, PayPal might ask you several times to verify yourself (usually with the SMS sent to your mobile phone), which is normal. It is a security system from PayPal to ensure that only you can make changes to your account.

All Done!

After completing the registration/connection you will be able to see that PayPal payments are active for your server:

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server or dedicated Monetize server✌️

After the Connection:

1. Fees

There are 2 types of fees while using MEE6 Monetize:

  1. MEE6 fee: we take a 5% fee that will be charged separately within 30 days of receiving a subscription payment.
  2. PayPal fee: PayPal takes a fee to process your payments. See more details on the PayPal fees on this page, in the "Commercial Transaction Rates" part:
    Please note: there could be an extra PayPal fee if you subscribe to an optional PayPal service, such as the "Chargeback Protection Tool".

2. Checking Monetize Subscriptions

PayPal provides you full control over your business account, and the easiest way to see your subscriptions is in the Pay & Get Paid menu -> Accept Payments -> Subscriptions:

It is currently not possible to see which Discord account is linked to a subscription that you see on PayPal. You can match the subscription time to the Monetize announcement on your server to figure out the Discord account, or contact us for help.

3. Refunds

At this moment only the server owner can issue a refund to a subscriber.
As a server owner, you can do it from your business PayPal account.
Please make sure to cancel the subscription on PayPal, so that the subscriber is not charged again, and MEE6 can remove the benefits from the subscriber on Discord.

4. Subscribing

Your subscribers will be able to subscribe with PayPal, or select the payment method if you also have connected your bank account via Stripe:

Please note: subscribers can pay with their bank card via PayPal as well, without creating a PayPal account.

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