Go to your dashboard -> {your server} -> settings -> turn the Slash Commands off at the bottom of the page.

Wait about 30 seconds, and turn it on again.

Not working? Go straight to the plugin and turn off the commands, wait for about 30 seconds and turn it back on again.

Still down? Consider turning the slash commands off, kick MEE6 and add it again (all your information will remain saved).

Then, turn your slash commands back on.


With a custom bot

Please, visit https://discord.com/developers/applications/ -> select your app -> go to the Bot tab -> make sure all the 3 options under Privileged Gateway Intents are turned on

If they are not, please, go ahead and enable them -> scroll up and regenerate the token -> copy the new token, visit your MEE6 Dashboard -> custom bot and paste it there

Keep in mind that if your server has 2FA (you can check by visiting the server settings -> Moderation -> bottom of the page) you will need 2FA enabled on the Custom Bot's Discord Account too (discord disabled a lot of features when it's not synced).

In case it shows but it's greyed, you just need to go to the command permissions -> remove @everyone role from "Allow all roles except" and it will turn available for you.

Don't hesitate in replying with an invite to your server in case you can't manage to get it fixed.

Did these solutions not resolve your issue?

Visit https://discord.com/developers/applications -> go to the bot tab and make sure all the intents from "Privileged Gateway Intents" are on:

Then, if you have 2FA enabled on your server (moderation menu at the bottom) make sure your own account has 2FA enabled.

On top of that, visit https://discord.com/developers/applications again -> go to Oauth2 -> URL Generator and enable:

- Applications.commands

- Bot

- Administrator

Once the new link is generated, simply copy it and paste on your browser. Then, double invite your bot by authorising it again.