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How to Disable Polls Plugin and Commands

Polls is a plugin that allow your members to create polls and vote on them. It has been launched originally as a free feature, and since July 2023 it has become Premium. 

The whole plugin became Premium for all servers, at the same time we have a lot of servers with Polls plugin activated for free, therefore we want to share with you some information to help you navigate this transition in case you don’t have an active Premium subscription.

If a non-Premium server has Polls plugin activated, the following will happen:

  • The command /poll for non-Premium servers will start displaying an ephemeral message explaining that the plugin became Premium
  • The command /poll-end for non-Premium servers will also display the same message in case there are no polls left to be ended
  • The commend /poll-end for non-Premium servers can be used normally in case there is a poll still running (end date has not been reached yet or it doesn’t have an end)
  • Voting for users remains available for polls that are still running (end date has not been reached yet or it doesn’t have an end)

To avoid having your server members interacting with Polls plugin commands, in case your server is not Premium and in case you don’t have any Polls still running, you can completely disable the Polls plugin commands by going to your Server Settings -> Integrations -> MEE6 (or your Personalized Bot) -> Search for the /poll and /poll-end command -> From here you can edit the command permissions. You won't be able to simply toggle off the plugin on the dashboard since there is a new Premium modal being showed.

We hope this article was helpful to manage the transition of the Polls plugin to Premium.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server✌️

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