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What Permissions Does MEE6 Need?

View Channels, Read Message History and Send Messages

Are always needed.

Manage Messages

Needed for !clear, !slowmode commands, Delete command usage option in commands, Temporary Channels plugin and auto-moderator in general.

Manage Roles

Needed for role rewards, !mute/!tempmute commands, Auto welcome role, Custom Commands role actions, Birthday role, Live Streaming role, Reaction Roles, and Role items in economy.
Mee6 also needs a role above the role it's trying to give in hierarchy: Server Settings → Roles

Manage Channels

Needed for !mute/!tempmute and !slowmode commands and Statistics, Temporary Channels plugins.

Manage Server

Needed for the Server Invites ruleset in the AutoMod Rulesets.

Kick Members and Ban Members

Needed for !kick and !ban/!tempban commands, and also for the AutoMod.
Mee6 also need a role above highest role of the member to kick or ban.

Attach Files

Needed for !rank command to show the Rank card. Otherwise it will fallback to an embed response.

Embed Links

Needed for the Embeds plugin, Streamer notification embeds and any other plugin or command that sends a rich embedded message.
Otherwise it will fallback to a plain text response.

Use External Emojis

Needed for correct displaying of MEE6 emojis in messages.

Connect and Speak

Needed for Music Quiz and Record plugins.

Move members

Required to move members on Temporary Channels (Hubs).

Manage Webhooks

Needed for moderation logging and Reminder plugin.

Side note about Custom bot.

Following permissions require two-factor authentication requirement if server-wide-two-factor authentication is enabled: Kick Members, Ban Members, Manage Channels, Manage Messages, Manage Roles, Manage Webhooks, Manage Server and Administrator.
Meaning enabling the said permissions won't have any effent if owner of the bot account doesn't have two-factor authentications enabled on their account.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server✌️

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