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Server Owner: How to See Information About Subscribers on Stripe

Currently accessing your subscription details is limited to Standard Stripe Accounts only. This means that if you have an Express Account you will need to contact us.

In short, this article will teach you how to access your subscriber’s details which include:

  • Tier they have subscribed
  • Full personal details (Name/Email/ID)
  • Customer’s Discord User ID

Step 1: Accessing Stripe

Visit or alternatively, -> your server -> Monetize Your Server -> Receive Payments -> 3 Dots -> Dashboard

Step 2: Finding Subscriptions

Go to Payments and then Subscriptions

Step 3: Reading the Details

Once we open a subscriber’s detail, we have access to:

  • Which tier (plan) they are subscribed
  • Their 4 last credit card digits
  • Full name
  • Email and more

Step 4: Going Deeper

In case you would like to access in-depth details (Discord User ID or other event dates), access your Customer page (you can get there by clicking on the customer's name from their Subscription page), locate and access the very first payment that they had, which has the Subscription creation description:

Then, scroll the page all the way down to Events and Logs, and scroll the events in the Latest Activity all the way down as well, till you see the very first event A request to create a Checkout Session completed. Click/tap on it, and you'll be able to see your customer's details on the right, including their Discord User ID(you might need to use the button See all XX lines):

Please note:
These events and logs might be available for only 1 year.
We're aware that this might be a bit too technical, and we're working on improvements!

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server✌️

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