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Monetize Subscriber: How to Manage Your Payment Method

To find your Monetize Subscriptions, visit this link:
Ensure at the top right of the page that you are logged into your Discord account.
You will now be able to see all your (active and inactive) subscriptions to servers. 

You are given several options for every subscribed server. Click the “Manage payment method” button.

You will then be redirected to another page where you are able to view:
The plan name, exact amount per month, date, extra payment methods, billing and shipping information, and invoice history.

Under “Payment Method”

You will be able to add a backup card or even replace your current default card.

Note: You will not be able to delete your default card without replacing it with another card, and if you have an active subscription.

How to Replace Your Current Payment Method 

Select the "+ Add payment method" and then enter your card details.
Ensure that “Use as default payment method” is turned on.

Now that you have added a new card, your next subscription renewal will use that card instead.
You can remove the other card or keep it as a back up payment method.

How to Remove Your Payment Method

If the subscription is active, you can only remove a card when you have added an additional payment method.

Ensure it is not the default card.
Select the card you wish to remove with the three dots …
Select Delete

It will ask you ( again / one more time) about deleting the payment method. This action is irreversible (and you will need to re-enter your card if you plan to use it again.)

Note: If this pop-up (window) does not appear on your screen, ensure that any extensions like ad-blockers or browser settings that disables pop-ups from appearing are disabled for the website (or session).

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