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MEE6 Isn't Giving Role Rewards

MEE6 Levels plugin isn't giving role rewards as it should? Here are some potential solutions to this issue.

MEE6 Doesn't Have the Right Discord Permissions

For MEE6 bot to operate within Discord, it needs correct permissions from the platform itself.

  1. Visit Discord server settings > Roles.
  2. Select the role of MEE6 and switch to Permissions tab.
  3. MEE6 needs "Administrator" permission enabled, or "Manage Roles" at the very least. 

Manage Roles

MEE6 Role Is Too Low in Discord Hierarchy

Discord won't allow MEE6 to manage any roles that are above it in the server role hierarchy. To fix this, do the following:

  1. Visit Discord server settings > Roles.
  2. Find MEE6 role, "grab" it and move it to the top of the list.
  3. Save changes and test MEE6 role giving functionality again.

Drag MEE6 above other roles

Verify Levels Plugin Settings and Role Rewards

Double-check Levels plugin settings, in particular:

  • Role rewards type, MEE6 can either stack previous rewards or remove them.
  • Role rewards that are currently active.
  • Toggle for "Remove role reward after member loses XP" setting.
  • Verify that "No-XP roles" setting is not denying your users from getting XP.
  • Verify that "No-XP channels" setting is not denying your users from getting XP.
Important note about custom bot (Bot Personalizer).

Your custom bot has its own, separate role. Make sure it has high position in your Discord server settings -> Roles.
This role also has its own, separate permissions.

If your server has "Require 2FA for moderator actions" enabled, the following permissions will require two-factor authentication:
- Administrator
- Kick Members
- Ban Members
- Manage Channels
- Manage Messages
- Manage Roles
- Manage Webhooks
- Manage Server

Without 2FA enabled on the bot owner's account, these permissions will not function.

If all of the above about your custom bot is okay but you still see error(s) or bot behaving incorrectly, double-check its internal settings at

Click on your custom bot application, select Bot tab on the left and verify that its toggles are the same as this picture below:

After making a change on this page, make sure to save it before testing your bot again.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server✌️

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