So you got something awesome you think should be in the bot? Excellent, we love to hear all the ideas people come up with and want to see added to the bot!

So now that you have your idea, you want to suggest it somewhere right? Well, our support server has 2 channels dedicated just to that. You'll find them below the support channels and above the bug reports channel.

Once there you want to spend a minute or 2 reading some things. The first thing is the channel topic, which explains some basic info for you.  It is important to note what it says:

Pretty straight forward isn't it? You search the upvote channel to see if it's already there, then either suggest it or upvote it if your suggestion is in there. The more upvotes a suggestion gets, the higher the chance of it getting added to the bot.

Got any questions about posting suggestions? Drop into our support server with your question and one of our staff members will happily answer it for you