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MEE6 Is Not Showing My Personal Rank Card with Pro

This article describes the Pro service, which is needed to show your personal rank card instead of the server's default rank card.
If you're a server manager with Premium and want to change your default server rank card, please read the note at the end of this page. 

Enable Your Personal Rank Card

To enable your personal rank card, select your profile in the top right of the MEE6 dashboard and choose Personal rank card.

On the rank card customization page, go to the Visibility tab. You'll see a list of your servers with a switch for each on the right side.

Flip the switch to the ON position (it will turn blue) to display your personal rank card on that particular server.

If you change your profile picture, you must gain some XP before it updates on your rank card.

Important note about Premium, Pro and rank card customization.

Premium is a server-wide service that unlocks all Premium plugins of the MEE6 bot. Pro is a personal service for your Discord account only, it can boost XP gains by 50% and allows rank card customization on any server that uses the MEE6 bot. If Premium is active on your server, you can customize the default rank card that all server members will see via -> your server -> Levels plugin. If you want to see your personal rank card within your server, visit Leaderboard plugin -> click "See leaderboard" button. On the leaderboard page find and enable "Use server Rank Card" toggle. This way the rank card that will be displayed for you within your own server will be the same as the one inside Levels plugin.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server✌️

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