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Server Owner: PayPal Payments for Monetize — Create Business Account

To ensure that you are able to take advantage of it, you will need to have a business account on PayPal, otherwise you will not be eligible to use it. 

How to do it?

1. If your PayPal account is already a business account, 

You have nothing to do.

2. If your PayPal account is currently a personal account, 

We invite you to upgrade to a business account right now, following this few steps: 

3. If you do not have a PayPal account or you wish to conserve your existing one as a personal account,

We invite you to create a business account, following this link:


— What is a business PayPal account?

With a Business account, you will have access to advanced features such as the ability to accept payments, send invoices, and manage your finances with ease. Upgrading your account is quick and simple.
Find more on the PayPal website: 

— How do I know if my account is personal or business?

To know if your account is personal or business, you can go to the PayPal settings and check if you see the ‘Upgrade to a Business account’ button:

  • If it appears, you have a personal account and can upgrade
  • If it does not appear, you already have a business account

— Do I need to own an actual business/company to have a business account on PayPal?

No, you’ll be asked for personal information you already have such as your telephone number, your address and your SSN. The account creation (or upgrade) takes around 5 min.

— Will I pay to have a business account on PayPal?

No, having a business account is free on PayPal: you just have to follow a few additional steps to confirm your identity to PayPal

— Why do I need to upgrade from personal to business account?

To be able to offer you the PayPal feature as MEE6, PayPal needs us to provide additional information. It’s also a more convenient way for you to deal with the associated revenue and taxes. 

— Can I convert my PayPal account back to personal one if I don't end up using it?

If you didn't do any business, then yes, you can go back to a personal account on PayPal once you do not need to have a business one.
If you did have some business transactions, there could be certain conditions from PayPal's side — please feel free to contact PayPal for more information.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server or dedicated Monetize server✌️

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