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How To Find Discord User/Server ID?

There are multiple ways to find your user or server ID.

With Discord Developer Mode:

Discord Developer Mode is a great option to access extra information on Discord by right-clicking different elements of Discord interface.

  1. Refer to our support article How to Enable Developer Mode to enable it.
  2. After enabling the Developer Mode you can right-click a user or a server (in any part of Discord) and then press on Copy User ID or Copy Server ID menu item to copy the ID in your clipboard. Then you can paste wherever needed with CTRL+V (Windows) or CMD+V (Mac), or press, hold and paste on mobile:

Developer Mode also allows you to get channel ID, role ID, etc. the same way as with the user or server ID.

With MEE6:

  1. Enable the Moderator plugin on your server's dashboard
  2. Then simply use the /user-info @user command, or the legacy !user-info @user command.
    MEE6 will reply with an embed that contains lots of useful info about the user, including the user ID:

  3. Use similar /server-info or !server-info commands to get information about your server:

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to join our Support Server✌️

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