With the Welcome plugin you can ask MEE6 to send a message when users leave your server.
You can select which channel the goodbye message gets sent to, so it doesn't necessarily have to be the one your welcome message is set to if you don't want to.

To set up goodbye messages head on over to your server dashboard > Server Management > Welcome

Location of the plugin

Send goodbye messages to a Discord channel

To send a goodbye message to a specific channel in your server, enable and configure the option "Send a message when a user leaves the server", and select a channel for the message to be sent to.

Setting the goodbye message
After configuring the goodbye message, the next time a user leaves your server, MEE6 will announce their departure in the Discord channel you selected.

Make sure MEE6 has permissions to read messages and send messages in the channel settings for the goodbye channel.

You can use variables to upgrade your goodbye message. For example keeping track of how many members you have left in your server when someone leaves.

If you have any issues with the plugin, do not hesitate to join our support server ✌️